An Honourable Man

Tuesday 20 November - Saturday 8 December 2018

White Bear Theatre

138 Kennington Park Road, London SE11 4DJ


What if the bitter wounds caused by Brexit do not heal? What if the Brexit vote, UKIP, even the BNP and the EDL – what if all that was just the beginning?


Joe Newman is the mainstream Labour MP for a traditional, working-class constituency in the North of England - until Momentum try to oust him. Unwittingly they unleash a tide that could destroy not only Labour and the Conservatives - but also every assumption anyone has ever made about what is acceptable in the mainstream of British politics.


This is also a study of how political success and personal disintegration can go hand in hand.


Praise for the workshop production of "An Honourable Man":


"Had huge fun and hope the play will flourish... So much fun... What chaos we're in and it captures that chaos wonderfully well" - Michael Dobbs


"It should have sensational success, as it deserves" - Julian Mitchell


"I got completely caught up in it and, by the end, I'm thinking, I could see this on in the West End" - Matthew Parris


"A riveting evening" - Polly Toynbee




Joe - Timothy Harker


Anne - Lisa Bowerman


Josh - Thomas Mahy


Liz - Dee Sadler


Maggie - Annie Tyson


Sam - Max Keeble


Creative Team


Michael McManus, Writer


Jolley Gosnold, Director


Claude Baskind, Assistant Director


Steve Broster, AV Producer


Mike Lees, Designs & Costumes


Mike Robertson, Lighting Adviser


Stella Broster, PR & Marketing


Michael Kingsbury, Artistic Director (White Bear Theatre) 


BOOK ONLINE | 0333 012 4963

BOOK ONLINE | 0333 012 4963